Introduction to Castlebrook Barns

Welcome to the Castlebrook Barns first ever blog! Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Spencer Graffam and I am the President of Castlebrook Barns.  As such, I will be writing a minimum of a bi-monthly blog (or sooner if appropriate topics come up) that I hope you will find both informative and entertaining.  I intend on using this blog for several purposes: First of all, I want to keep both our past and future customers aware of items of interest that may affect all of us within the horse barn community, such as new product developments, trends in the industry, and important information that may be used to aid current and future barn owners.  I am equally concerned about focusing on the precious items stored in every Castlebrook Barn. Next, and maybe most importantly, I want to use this blog as a springboard to elicit positive conversation and feedback from our customers in conjunction with our new Facebook page.  I am a big believer that if we take everyone’s comments as a resource, we can make something very special, not just for Castlebrook Barn customers but for the entire horse community to draw from. So that should start us off on a good path for our first blog.  Please keep in mind that I am no Mark Twain and my 14-year-old daughter has informed me that I am not the savviest blogger, to say the least.  Please bear with me and hopefully my posts will become improved and Castlebrook can serve its customers better as time goes by. Since this is our first introductory blog, I will also send out a more formalized subject soon to start off topics that I see of great importance.  Until then, I wish everyone a happy, prosperous new year.  I look forward to speaking with you all throughout the upcoming years.

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