Facebook and Castlebrook Barns

Let me tell you about my job. As President of Castlebrook, I am ultimately a problem solver. Fortunately, I have an extremely talented staff that takes care of the major issues and only the most critical issues reach my desk. When things proceed without an issue, which they typically do, that staff receives all the praise and thanks from our customers. That is appropriate, and they should. They certainly deserve it! In my position, however, I unfortunately do not get that benefit. The problems that I deal with are mostly behind the scenes and are typically resolved by just grinding through the process until resolution is achieved. Today that changed. We are currently running a Facebook contest to receive an accessory package (keep those entries coming!). All you have to do to enter is simply “like” us on Facebook. Response has been great and we appreciate that. I must note though, that many of the participants have been kind enough to take some time out of their day and take the extra time to post a comment. I have read each one personally. I have to tell you that sometimes, we lose sight of our main objective because we are so busy tending to our daily tasks that we forget to appreciate all the good around us. Well, let me tell you something. All those nice comments on Facebook have certainly shined a spotlight on the good and all the tremendous customers that we have. I am reminded and reinvigorated in why we all come to Castlebrook every day. It is a tough economy out there and everybody knows it, but these comments have lifted my and my staff’s spirits so high that I have to believe that it will make our interaction with our customers even better. For that, a simple thanks hardly seems enough. I look forward to see who wins the drawing. Based on all your responses, I am sure it won’t be the last one we have. From a personal perspective, thank you so much, my heart has been touched. I wish you and your families only the best as I am so grateful for all your kind words. Thanks for spending some time with me, Spencer Graffam President, Castlebrook Barns

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