What type of barn resists rust and corrosion, wood or metal? Castlebrook Barns' T&G wood barns offer a sealed square tube along the entire bottom framework and a small space between that tube and the first board to promote ventilation, thereby severely reducing corrosion. The design used by metal barn companies of a "Weephole" design may expose the plywood-cored wall to urine and moisture causing deterioration, termite infestations or rust up the structural wall. Castlebrook also provides a full 3/16" structural framework which is 3 times thicker than other barn manufacturers and a full lifetime warranty on all structural members. What type of barns are best in extreme climate conditions, wood or metal? Wood provides a natural insulation, keeping the interior more comfortable that the outside temperature. Metal barns conduct both heat and cold, producing an interior temperature even hotter or colder than the outside weather conditions. For comfort and safety, wood barns are the optimum choice. What type of barns are preferred in high fire areas, wood or metal? Contrary to common belief, steel framed wood barns using slow-burn 2x6 T&G walls are actually the better choice in a high fire area. A wood barn using a 3/16" steel framework will withstand the extreme heat of a fire, taking longer to twist and collapse, than a thin-walled galvanized barn. Unlike a wood barn, a galvanized barn also exposes you and your horses to the danger of galvanization asphyxiation, which can cause retardation or death in a matter of minutes. What type of barn is easiest to maintain, wood or metal? Castlebrook Barns' wood barns are designed with a user-friendly attitude, making the maintenance easy and promoting the longevity of our products. If a board or component needs to be replaced, it is a simple process that can be accomplished by one individual. On the other hand, metal barns use a panel system to provide the structural value to their barns and typically need to be repaired using torches and welding equipment not owned by the typical consumer. Panels for metal barns can be very costly, and their considerable weight makes replacement extremely difficult. Are wood barns more expensive than metal barns? Castlebrook Barns provides a superior quality product for a competitive price. Unlike other companies that up charge for a T&G option and do not warranty their product, Castlebrook stands by their product offering an outstanding warranty with T&G as our standard, not an upgrade.